Born into a family of Gospel Musicians and Ministers you could definitely say I grew up in the church.  Literally I was there for nearly every service both Sunday morning and evening, Wednesday nights, and often for weekend family activities on Saturdays.  And having spent nearly 10-years in a private Christian school as well as a Christian college---I can't remember how many chapel services I've attended.  But no matter what age or where I was at it was always the technology that caught my interest---the sound systems, the stage lighting, digital keyboard instruments, etc. I taught myself how to play the piano, but again it was the technologies of MIDI and synthesizers that drew me in.  Who knew that curiosity would lead to a long, rewarding career in the music business.


Having served in Technical Ministries for over 25-years God has blessed me in so many ways.  It may surprise many I've been serving that long, I started very young.  In middle school I wrote my first song and signed my first publishing/recording contract shortly after entering high-school.  No sooner than I graduated I accepted a position as the lead keyboardist and band director for the touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".  Burned out on touring I re-located to a place I fell in love with on the southern Connecticut shore of New London.  There I worked in equipment sales for Caruso Music, which really was a way for me to fund my private production studio where I did audio for ESPN, TLC, and the Discovery Channel networks. In 2000 I accepted a position at Sweetwater Sound spending 10-years as a Sr. Sales Engineer focusing on, and helping to grow, their house of worship system sales.


During my time in Fort Wayne I served with Blackhawk Ministries as their Head Studio Engineer, responsible for the Recording and Mixing of "THE BIBLE HOUR", the weekly broadcast of the Sunday morning services to a market of over 1,000,000 people.  It was through Blackhawk Ministries that I met Marshall White and the VOICES of UNITY YOUTH CHOIR, serving nearly 7-years as their Technical Director and Head Media Engineer responsible for planning, recording, and mixing all concert and event footage.  My final year with the VOICES of UNITY was consumed in planning to compete at the World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China---but the 6-months of hard-work paid off winning (2) Gold Medals and the Grand Champions trophy as the BEST GOSPEL CHOIR in the world!


In 2010 I re-located to Atlanta where I accepted a position of Pro Accounts Manager for GUITAR CENTER PROFESSIONAL to develop and expand their design/build installation division focusing upon the house of worship market.  A few years later I felt God calling me to a new opportunity to join the team at db INTEGRATIONS as one of the Systems Advisors to further continue partnering with ministries of all denominations and congregational sizes to partner with, while taking their goals and needs and turning into reality.  Currently I am the LIGHTING DIRECTOR and TECHNICAL ADVISOR for TABERNACLE OF PRAISE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, an exploding multi-campus ministry in metro Atlanta.  Each week I prepare custom, high-energy lighting to help create a truly exciting and dynamic worship environment while also providing design plans for long-term technology upgrades to our broadcast ministry.


With over 25-years experience serving in technical ministries, I truly understand what it takes to "make Sunday happen". During that time I have partnered with countless ministries in consultation, design, and integration services including FREE CHAPEL (Jentezen Franklin Ministries), FELLOWSHIP CHURCH (Ed Young), NORTHPOINT MINISTRIES (Andy Stanley), and Colorado Springs' NEW LIFE CHURCH to name a few.  I had also been honored to work with countless musicians, artists, and bands including NEWSONG, CHRIS TOMLIN, WILLIAM MURPHY, AL DENSON, CASTING CROWNS, JAMIE GRACE and many others.

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