There's a reason the term "mood lighting" was coined, because effective lighting (or the lack of it) can and does have a dramatic impact on the senses and visual appearance of every single worship environment.  From simple, subtle up-lighting to more dramatic environmental and high energy concert-style lighting---we are experts in designing tn designing creative solutions that help transform your sanctuary and worship not just with sound--but also with color.  We get to know your ministry, the worship style, and work together to design a complete lighting solution specific for your congregation.  Our design tools allow us to predict coverage and output of recommended lighting fixtures, as well as provide a 3D life-like picture or even real-time visualization of what your new system will look like by creating a virtual version of your sanctuary.  This technology allows us to collaborate together in selecting the proper lighting fixtures and all infrastructure for both the need and budget.

One of the worst things to discover is a lighting upgrade that has hot and cold spots, that is too much light in some areas and not enough in others.  While this can certainly be frustrating for stage lighting, it can be very dangerous (and a liability) for house lighting where.  In fact with new construction there are strict codes requiring a minimum rating for adequate coverage and brightness.  Failing to meet this code requirement can result not in receiving a CO, or a "Certificate of Occupancy.  If that happens, your congregation will not be allowed to use the new worship space until the corrections have been made.  By that point it's a design problem, and will NOT be an inexpensive fix.  This is why we use the most advanced design tools and analysis to  not only image your new lighting system, both house and stage, but to verify we meet (really, we will  exceed it!) these codes and requirements.  And frankly, it's just gonna look cool--because that's what we do!

Delta Airlines Flight #DL116 you're on final approach and cleared to land on runway 96L.  Okay this isn't really a flight plan for a Delta 767 flying to Germany (We did look it up, Flight DL116 does go to Germany!)... however for your stage and house lighting requirements it is far more important.  Using sophisticated 2D and 3D modeling we are able to predict coverage, overlap, and lack of it---so that the design is 100% spot-on, no pun intended.  Our tools are so advanced we have models and  performance data on thousands of lighting fixtures from specific manufacturers down to the exact model.  This state of the art process allows us to accurately predict how many lighting fixtures, and which ones, are needed for exceptional lighting coverage.

Data is great, it's important---we thrive on it, the success of YOUR project depends upon it.  Don't worry, our expertise at HOWAVL won't let your ministry down there but let's face it, talking about data isn't as much fun as looking at cool visualizations and renderings is it?  Of course not!  It's one thing to look at numbers, lumens, foot candles, and lux---so you know just how much output intensity will cover your congregation.  It's another to look at coverage plots to know there will be no hot or cold spots in coverage.  But it's our unique process of translating that data into life-like 3D visualizations and renderings, like the one to the left, that really tell the story of what the final product will actually look like.  Make no mistake, this is not "Photoshop" or a drawing in an outside graphics program but rather part of our sophisticated design tools that translate the data and fixture information into a 3D model of YOUR space, in real time, with the ability to individually turn on and off each lighting fixture, adjust the color,  zoom and location (on moving head lighting fixtures).  The possibilities are endless in this ultra-flexible, virtual reality world!   As you can imagine, this is an invaluable visual in discussing the solution with your ministry and leadership teams taking the guess work out of "well what is it going to look like?".


Whether you're looking to upgrade the lighting in your existing sanctuary, youth worship space, fellowship hall, or building  new construction as part of expanding your thriving ministry---HOWAVL delivers the most creative solutions at the highest quality aimed at the goals and needs of your ministry and the budget available to make it happen.  As a design-only firm our sole mission is to educate your ministry on the solutions available and to make certain your budget can handle that solution.  There is never a conflict of interest to simply sell you equipment, we are here to partner with your team so that you can deliver a design with purpose, creativity,and with exceptional results to the integrator of your choice.

designed by experience, designed with excellence...