There's a reason the term "mood lighting" was coined, because effective lighting (or the lack of it) can and does have a dramatic impact on the senses and visual appearance of every single worship environment.  From simple, subtle up-lighting to more dramatic environmental and high energy concert-style lighting---we are experts in designing tn designing creative solutions that help transform your sanctuary and worship not just with sound--but also with color.  We get to know your ministry, the worship style, and work together to design a complete lighting solution specific for your congregation.  Our design tools allow us to predict coverage and output of recommended lighting fixtures, as well as provide a 3D life-like picture or even real-time visualization of what your new system will look like by creating a virtual version of your sanctuary.  This technology allows us to collaborate together in selecting the proper lighting fixtures and all infrastructure for both the need and budget.

One of the worst things to discover is a lighting upgrade that has hot and cold spots, that is too much light in some areas and not enough in others.  While this can certainly be frustrating for stage l

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