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LOVEJOY CHURCH, just outside of Buffalo (New York), had reached out to TSH AUDIO & VISUAL for a comprehensive Audio, Video, and Lighting solution for their main sanctuary, who then reached out to HOWAVL to provide a customized design for their client.   The design goal was to replace an out of date incandescent-based stage lighting system with an all-LED, more modern package that provided the ability to completely transform the sanctuary.


We started the process by building a 3D model of their existing sanctuary, with exact dimensions of the stage, ceiling trim heights,  even placement of the worship band on the stage was used.  Using our advanced design applications we were able to determine not only the exact amount of lighting fixtures that were needed, but to provide a lifelike visual of exactly how the lighting design could look.   The end result was a design that not only surpassed expectations, but provides limitless expansion as the future allows.


A total of (15) Chauvet Ovation EW160 warm-white ellipsoidal fixtures were used at FOH for key lighting of the stage. To provide color wash, a total of (29) Chauvet ColorDash ParQuad 18 RGBW fixtures were installed with (10) on the FOH trusses and (19) at the back of the stage.  In addition to the fixed wash fixtures, (6) ROGUE R2X Spot moving-head lights were mounted on the rear stage trusses with (4) additional ROGUE R2X placed on the stage--also from Chauvet Professional.

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