The biggest asset to every church ministry are the volunteers of which ALL are important to reaching others for Christ.  However the biggest challenge within virtually every church ministry is equipping the volunteers on the A/V team with the proper knowledge of how to not only operate the systems in place, but actually understanding the fundamentals of how the technology works.  Very few houses of worship employ a professional A/V team or even a single contractor, but even those that do still rely heavily on a large team of volunteers to help make the worship services run smoothly.


You've already invested a great sum of the church's money into the AVL systems in place, but are you investing in the skill set of your volunteers to be able to take full advantage of those systems? At HOWAVL we not only train your volunteers how to operate the AVL equipment in place, but how to get the most out of it.  This is accomplished through customized training solutions to your ministry through education and knowledge from real world experience.  Operating the audio console is far more than pushing faders up and down, it's understanding the concepts of how to equalize channels to fit within the proper frequencies together, how to effectively build a mix, understanding the importance of dynamics processing (and how it actually works!), and most importantly--how to actually listen to understand what's happening within the mix.  Are you color balancing your cameras to a single source?  Are you color balancing at all?  What about the lighting, do they understand the importance of color temperatures?  What about programming fixtures or the controls to operate them?


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